The path taken by Union Elecom has been the history of Korea’s SMPS.

At Union Elecom, we are creating technological value that can satisfy our customers through creative and innovative technology. We will try our best to give our customers around the globe more satisfaction in their lives.

Union Elecom has pioneered the domestic power supply industry culture, and has been leading it since the company’s foundation in 1995. Union Elecom has been aiming to combine technology and creativity to create products that would lead to global customer satisfaction.

Union Elecom makes products that can provide new values and experience, so that customers will always be satisfied with our products.

To reciprocate for the attention and support from our customers, Union Elecom has been introducing various new products, such as power supplies, solid state relays (SSR), noise filters, and indoor/outdoor LED lamp converters, through our cutting-edge technology and customer satisfaction policies.

Union Elecom makes diverse high-quality products that would always guarantee customer satisfaction.

Union Elecom’s products are the satisfaction of customers. We reflect our customers’ opinion using multiple channels, and make products that lead to mutual satisfaction. Customers get to feel, get satisfied, and get involved with Union Elecom products. Union Elecom is a global manufacturer that showcases domestic technology and power supplies to the world.

When it comes to power supplies, Union Elecom can proudly say that it has world-class leading technology and know-hows.

Based on such capabilities, Union Elecom is actively engaging the global market, instead of staying within the domestic market. Union Elecom has a vision of “a global enterprise that adds satisfaction to its customers’ lives”, and its challenge in the global market has been met with positive receptions. Union Elecom products have received good reviews in the Japanese and European markets—known for their strict quality standards—and continues to produce results in Russia, Czech Republic, Saudi Arabia, the United States, and other parts of the world.

Union Elecom’s challenge for globalization in the market will continue in the future.

Union Elecom exists to give our customers more satisfaction in their lives.

Union Elecom is always creating new values for increased customer satisfaction, and is devoting effort to create products that would add satisfaction. We will become a global enterprise with a strong presence by continuing to use our know-hows and creative technological innovations in communicating and growing with our customers.

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