Right People Make PARA


PARA-ENT specialized in power electronics developed the first Digital Power Regulator in Korea and was designated as a member of TBI (Technology Business Incubator) by Korea Ministry of Knowledge and Economy in December 2000. And also PARA-ENT was appointed as INNO-BIZ company (Innovative Business Company) by the Small and Medium Business Administration in July, 2002 for continuous technology development and business feasibility.

Greeting with 21st green energy era, PARA-ENT will pursuit optimal solution in energy saving through restless effort to be world best company.

PARA-ENT’s Philosophy

  • Clear and transparent management
  • Honest and sound company serving for nation and society
  • Returning profits back to the society

PARA-ENT Products

SMART Power Regulator

Nothing is smarter than SMART

SMART digital power regulator is next generation regulator adopting all technologies and know-how’s PARA-ENT has accumulated since its establishment of 2000.

Through MPD(Max Power Distribution) function, SMART power regulator can improve power factor and optimize efficiency of power by lowering peak power.

Designed to meet any customer’s requirements with ease and convenience.

P-TYPE Power Regulator

Digital power regulator’s Steady Seller !!

It has been a steady seller since its first launching in 2000 with long experience and know-how.

It has also been a best seller product for last 16 years on customer’s great reputation on stability and reliability by its perfect control at any circumstances.

Easy and economical maintenance and compact design are another reasons to be loved by all the customers even one-time user.

SES/TES Power Regulator

New Standard of Digital Power Regulator

Designed to select any control method suitable for all kinds of loads and circumstances.

For TES product, one three phase product or three single phase products can be selected on ordering to maximize space.

Possible to read and write through PSD(PARA SMART DISPLAY) or communication function. And with just one PSD, every parameter and alarm can be selected for multiple SES/TES.

MULTI Power Regulator

Three in One Digital Power Regulator

Three single phase controllers in one unit to save space and expense.

Operated by one temperature controller(output is same) or three temperature controllers(separate operation). And also used as one three phase regulator(Only on three-phase four-wire system)

With high accuracy, stability and reliability.


Economic Power Control

Digital Power Regulator having basic functions for general usage.

Control method changeable (Zero-Crossing ↔ Phase-Angle) to type of load.

Mini Power Regulator

Small but strong – Smallest digital power regulator Mini

The smallest digital power regulator : 26mm width - Single phase / 115mm width – three phase

Suitable for replacing SSR which has no protecting device. SCR module equipped in Mini is far more durable and reliable than TRIAC in SSR.

Improved safety through alarming SCR failure which SSR can not detect

Stable, Reliable and Convenient

FLEX Power Regulator

EtherCAT Communication : FLEX-Type

Read and write function through EtherCAT communication.

Improving power factor Distributing momentary maximum output power by sequential control through synchronization, when multiple power regulators are operated at the same time.

Possible to read and write through PSD(PARA SMART DISPLAY) or communication function. And with just one PSD, every parameter and alarm can be selected for multiple FLEX.

To detect partial load failure in multiple parallel loads.

To realize detecting partial load failure immediately and precisely through PARA-ENT its own unique auto-tuning function.