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Alton Segal Company was established in 2008 with the aim of providing technical and engineering services in the field of hydraulics, pneumatics and industrial automation.

Production of hydraulic and pneumatic Cylinders as well as manufacturing of Hydraulic Power Units (HPU) were activities that have been on the agenda since the early days.

Simultaneously with the increase in orders for making all kinds of Cylinders and HPU, one more issue was delaying the process of receiving HPU orders, and that was the customer's lack of confidence in the technical specifications of HPU. In fact, the customer was not sure of the proper operation of HPU in their desired hydraulic system.

This led the company's executives to focus on customer orientation and to ensure the customers of the correct operation of HPU and even their desired hydraulic system, first the entire hydraulic system (or pneumatic) design and test in reputable simulation software such as Automation Studio, Fluid Sim and SIM X and then simulate in real loading conditions. In this way, the customer, after seeing the simulation results and receiving pre-construction advice, proceeded to register his order with more confidence.


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Other activities that were added to the company's activities in the third year of operation, were the installation of industrial facilities and equipment, as well as maintenance and repair, which, as in the previous case, was formed based on the needs of customers.

In addition, Alton Segal has an excellent track record of manufacturing special equipment required in production and assembly lines, as well as laboratory and test equipment. So much so that for the first time in Iran, it succeeded in manufacturing more than 12 testing devices for 500 kV high voltage power line fittings, which have been approved by VEIKI International Laboratory based on Hungary – Europe.

In line with the above mentioned items, the implementation of various projects such as the following examples have been added to our tasks

  • Industrial Automation Projects
  • Manufacture of electrical panels
  • Design and implementation of vector data systems
  • Design and implementation of pressure and temperature control systems
  • Design and implementation of industrial monitoring systems
  • Manufacture of laboratory equipment
  • Making demo Kits for exhibition purpose

At present, Alton Segal Company is the only official representative of installation and after-sales service of the following brands :

  • Hanyang NUX (Korea)
  • ParaENT (Korea)
  • Uni-T (China)
  • AkuSense (China)
  • TemcoLine (Korea)

Also, Alton Segal is a supplier of the following types of equipment.

  • Control
  • Industrial automation
  • Hydraulic
  • Pneumatic
  • Industrial electricity
  • Home Automation
  • Measuring Equipment
Holding all kinds of training courses, with the aim of upgrading the technical knowledge and engineering skills of the Industry related people, is one of the most important and productive activities of this company.

High quality service and customer satisfaction are the two key principles that achieved by follow the below rules :

  • Continuous training
  • Use up-to-date knowledge
  • And On time service

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